Welcome to Collaborative Lawyers Colchester... 

Collaborative Family Law is a better way of providing you and your separating spouse or partner with the opportunity to work together to resolve the issues which inevitably arise when a decision has been made to part. 

Collaborative Process 

You and your spouse or partner each instruct your own trained collaborative lawyer. All negotiations are done in face-to-face meetings (called "4-ways") with you, your spouse or partner and the two lawyers... 

Meet Our Members  


Financial Professionals 

Where it is necessary to help either of you to have an appropriate understanding of any of the financial issues to be discussed, we will invite relevant experts to join the meetings... 

Why choose us? 

The possibility of resolving issues on the breakdown of your relationship through the collaborative process may appeal to you and your spouse or partner for a number of reasons... 

Who are Collaborative Lawyers Colchester? 

All our lawyers are specialist family solicitors who have been trained in collaborative law, by Resolution
They have many years' experience advising on separation, divorce, children, financial arrangements and other legal and practical issues that can arise when family relationships break down. Collaborative Lawyers Colchester are supported by family consultants and financial professionals
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