What is Collaborative Family Law?  

A process which enables you and your separating partner to achieve a mutually agreeable and lasting solution without involving the court. 
You will both have the support, protection and guidance of specially trained collaborative family lawyers and other experts such as counsellors, family consultants and financial professionals who are as committed to the process working as you are. 
The work to achieve the settlement is carried out in meetings when you will both have your solicitor present. The common goal is to reach a settlement against a background of mutual respect 

Why choose Collaborative Family Law? 

The possibility of resolving issues on the breakdown of your relationship through the collaborative process may appeal to you and your partner for a number of reasons. 
Collaborative law can enable you and your partner to retain a level of communication which could be important where you will need to retain good relations in the future, for example in relation to your children. 
Your collaborative lawyers will work together with you and your partner to help you reach the agreement you want. Collaborative law enables you to negotiate face-to-face but with the security of having your solicitor present. 
The environment within which the Collaborative process takes place is non-confrontational, so ideal if you want to end your relationship with the minimum of conflict. 
Collaborative law offers you the opportunity of being active in resolving the issues between you and your partner and can give you control over your future. 
Collaborative cases are often resolved more quickly than those dealt with by more traditional means and can be less costly than proceeding through the court system. 

How do I find out more about Collaborative Family Law? 

You can see how the process works here. If these are things important to you, why not give one of our specially trained Collaborative Lawyers a call to find out more? 
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